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Why the epola model  is to be preferred to the standard models or other alternative theories of physics 
















Why the epola model is to be preferred to the standard models
or other alternative theories of physics

The electron-positron lattice (epola) model of vacuum space differs from many theories of physics, essentially because it is neither theory nor hypothesis. It does not declare any arbitrary laws, principles or conditions and you will notice that here it is always referred to as a model. Many 'alternative' theories seek to establish a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) or Theory of Everything (TOE), however the epola model restricts its application to the experimentally determined real world of three spatial dimensions and independent time. There is no assumption or speculation about details as yet undetermined either by experimental evidence or without direct analogy with related physical data. Hence the validity of the term 'model'.

The epola model resolves the problem that faced physical science at the end of the 19th century when the pioneering heroes up to that time, including Huygens, Faraday, Maxwell, Lorentz, were seeking an aether to explain the established wave nature of light. They assumed an aether to be extremely 'thin' whilst they thought atomic matter to be almost infinitely dense. The epola model applies the hindsight of later discoveries in physics to resolve the problems pertaining at that earlier time with a structured particulate vacuum medium and uses that solution to prove and explain other discoveries and measurements and to predict behaviours still awaiting discovery in physics. The currently accepted standard 'models' (more correctly -theories) of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, which sought to avoid the issues developed by erroneous assumptions about an aether are shown to have been 'stop-gap' measures now due for replacement.  Much more recent multi-dimensional mathematical treatments and highly speculative string and brane theories, whose roots relate back to the alternative Kaluza (and Kaluza-Klein) theory, which was ousted by Einstein's concurrent but more popular Relativity Theories, are also seen to be suspect by the success of the epola model in resolving the aether dilemma.                                                                      

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A comment on the epola model by guest author Dr Dietmar Rothe  :

"There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal to ignorance, no power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to the poverty of consciousness." [Talmud of Jmmanuel 26:27]
 --  see


Our universe is inherently logical, in which every effect has a cause and every action a consequence.  This essential quality of the universe to function logically and harmoniously ensures its persistence and empowers it to unfold into high complexity, order, beauty and grandeur.  The logical foundation underlying nature also makes it possible for science to describe a natural process in mathematical terms.  Our sciences would be useless if this were not so.

Yet, human logic is often incomplete and not always in conformance with reality.  Mathematics is an intellectual tool that can help us describe physical events.  But not every bit of mathematical construction is represented in the real world.  To insist that reality must conform to every whim of human logic is arrogant and in itself illogical.  Modern scientific theories are exceptionally prone to such arrogance.  Many aspects of Relativity Theory, Quantum Physics, String Theory, Big Bang theory and so-called Theories of Everything are internally inconsistent, incomplete and do not conform with aspects of the observable universe.  Their authors and proponents tend to forget that mathematical constructions are by necessity only incomplete descriptions of natural events.  They are confusing the map for the terrain, the menu for the meal.  They are happily devouring the menu, not realizing that reality is separate from their theoretical speculations and elegant mathematical constructs.

Professor Menahem Simhony is a courageous, post-modern pioneer who has seen through the idle speculations of our ivory-tower scientific establishment, which has become ever more arrogant in purporting to give true insight into nature’s most guarded secrets without adhering to basic logic.  For all who can think for themselves and question certain aspects of Quantum Theory, String Theory and Einsteinian Relativity that defy logic, Dr. Simhony’s “epola” model of space can provide an alternative path to understanding the true nature of reality.

After requesting and reading an autographed copy of Simhony’s book, “The Electron-Positron Lattice Space; Cause of Relativity and Quantum Effects,” in 1988, I was immediately struck with the realization that his “epola” model of the vacuum space describes perfectly the luminiferous aether assumed by Maxwell for facilitating the propagation of electromagnetic waves.  In agreement with Simhony's work, I have since confirmed my belief that logic and physical causality do not support many aspects of Quantum Theory and Relativity Theory, that the microwave background and galactic redshift are insufficient proof of the Big Bang cosmology, that E=mc² does not in itself validate Einsteinian Relativity, and that photons as speeding particles do not exist in reality.

One of my articles on this subject, “Space and the Wave-particle Enigma,” which denies particle status for the photon, has been reprinted in Infinite Energy Magazine, Vol. 7, Issue 42 (2002), page 49. [see http://www.avilabooks.com/RothSpa.PDF ]. This paper [see page 7, rgg]describes a somewhat different variation of the epola matrix that has an externally observable mass density of zero and that has positive/negative elements separated by distances far in excess of five femtometers.  For an alternative theory to the Big Bang, refer to my paper, “The Case for a Gentler Bang of Creation”  [http://www.avilabooks.com/writings.htm ].  Other aspects of my philosophical and scientific thoughts can be found in my book, “In Search of Truth and Freedom” [see  [http://www.avilabooks.com/Book.htm ].

Dietmar Rothe  21 July 2004



Throughout his life, Dr. Dietmar Rothe has enjoyed nature and has been fascinated by the mysteries of the physical world and by the secrets of life.  Besides being well read in the subjects of philosophy, metaphysics, psychology and religion, he is a respected professional in the physical sciences and is well qualified to critique established scientific theories.   His views about physical reality often diverge greatly from accepted theories. After studying the physical world in a long and distinguished career as a research physicist, engineer, inventor, philosopher and truth seeker, Dr. Rothe became convinced that all power in the universe ultimately derives from the spiritual realm.  He is now integrating this insight with his vast philosophical knowledge to forge a bridge between science and spirituality.

He was born in a remote corner of Germany in 1934.  After surviving World War II, he completed his formal scientific education in Canada, graduating with honors and a B.Eng. in Engineering Physics from McMaster University in 1961.  He then pursued postgraduate research at the Institute for Aerospace Studies in Toronto and obtained an M.A.Sc. degree in Applied Science and a Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering Science from the University of Toronto in 1962 and 1966, respectively.

For the next three decades, Dr. Rothe gained scientific knowledge and hands-on experience in the high-technology research field, while contributing to many branches of the physical sciences; ranging from laser physics, optics and spectroscopy, plasma physics and gas dynamics, to pulsed power technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and product design.  As program manager and division manager he has directed more than a dozen R&D programs, both for industry and for defense.

Dr. Rothe holds several patents in laser technology and is author of over 35 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Physics of Fluids, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, Physical Review,  Applied Physics Letters and others.  He has presented his research results at various scientific conferences.

He is a member of Sigma Xi, Optical Society of America, Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the Sierra Club.  On his softer side, Dr. Rothe enjoys painting and creating poetry.  Some of his poems have appeared in anthologies of the National Library of Poetry.  [see  http://www.authorsden.com/dietmarrothe ]

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